• Kit EVOH - Husaberg FE

    The kit is adapted for Husaberg FE 4-stroke models 2009 to 2012.
    It's ideal if you're looking for an autonomy of about 250 km.
    Possibility of ordering the parts separately.

  • Kit EVOH

    EVO4 aluminium navigation support 250,00 euros
    Strap for navigation support D50 80,00 euros
    EVOH raw (non painted) front fairing 240,00 euros
    16L Safari Tank fuel tank (Husaberg 2009 to 2012) 900,00 euros
    EVO2 head light 140,00 euros
    Total 1610,00 euros
  • Instrumentation

    Road-book electronic MD 420,00 euros
    Road-book electronic MigTEC 285,00 euros
    Trip ICO Rally MAX 390,00 euros
    Trip ICO Rally MAX G 490,00 euros
    Road-book + 2 trips holder 78,00 euros
    Road-book and trip switch alu holder 80,00 euros
  • Options

    Paint for front fairing 100,00 euros
    Complete personalized seat made with suede leather 315,00 euros
    Front brake hose 60,00 euros
    Rear light bracket with LED 34,00 euros
    Rally footpeg 140,00 euros
    Rally grips 17,00 euros
    Rally fork spring 135,00 euros
    Rally shock absorber spring 140,00 euros
    Rally triple clamp 450,00 euros
    OHLINS steering stabilizer 700,00 euros
    Handlebar support for steering stabilizer 250,00 euros
    Rear wheel hub damped 656,00 euros
    Oversized front brake 310,00 euros
    Rally handguard 55,00 euros
    ACERBIS Alu Rally handguard 120,00 euros
    Ventilator Husaberg (2009 to 2012) 119,00 euros
  • Labour

    Labour (fixed cost) for the kit's assembly 500,00 euros
    Labour (fixed cost) for the rally pack: GPS, iritrack, sentinel
      (mounting brackets, harnesses and antennas)
    200,00 euros